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Servants of the Cross

H.G. Petros Mar  Osthathis Metropolitan (1886 – 1968) was the founder of The Servants of the Cross , and the former Bishop of Malabar Diocese was born on 20th June 1886 , in the famous Mookkencheril family at Tripunithura , Ernakulam District . He was inspired by the student’s conference in 1908. His former name was M. P. Peter. In his childhood, M. P. Peter had interested in social as well as spiritual activities. His revolutionary ideas gave a fundamental outlook towards his attitudes. He was actively participated in vaikam sathyagraha. For his newly liberative ideas  he gave up his teacherhood . He was anointed as deacon in 1916. In 14th September 1924 , He established ‘The Servents Of The Cross’ for the upliftment of a separated and alienated classes in the society.  He anointed as Priest in 1926, He introduced the Dalit people as the Crown and the Happiness.  He had gained about 40,000 non christians from the lowest strata for Malankara Orthodox Church. He was appointed as the special officer of education department of Kochi Government. He was the first person who translate the Holy Qurbanas , Taksas , Promiyon and other prayers for Holy Services from Syriac to Malayalam . He anointed as Ramban in 1943. He accepted the Holy Bible, Cymbal, and the Lantern as the symbol of Servants of The Cross. In 1952, he had started a whole India Missionary journey for understanding and analyzing the Indian Society. On 15th May 1953, he was ordained as a Bishop and appointed to the Metropolitan of Malabar Dioceses on 2nd February 1968, he was entered into the heavenly kingdom of God. His tomb is placed in Carmel Dayara, Kandanad, Ernakulam district. Petros Mar Osthathios Metropolitan was a man of courage, confidence and with a empathetic attitude towards his fellow beings.

Presently, H.G.Zachariah Mar Anthonios is guiding the trust as its president (Bishop, Kochi Diocese). V. Rev. Semaoun Ramban, as its secretary. Sleebadasa Samooham and the Governing Body of Petros Mar Osthathios Memorial Charitable Society (Reg.No.ER. 106/2001) started a new way of missionary activities among the family of Sleebadasa Samooham .  More than 125 co-ordinators and seven fulltime missionaries working around kerala for the development of Sleebadasa Samooham.

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