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Medical College

 MOSC Medical College Hospital, Kolencherry

With the vision of playing an active role in the development and promotion of health care in and around Kolenchery, in central Kerala, the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical Mission was founded in 1967, by the progressive leaders of the church.

The activities of the Mission were initiated by establishing a hospital in Kolenchery. R.H Ignatius Yakkoob III, Patriarch of Antioch, laid the founclatim stone on June 17, 1967, in memory of H.H. Baselious Geeverghese II, Catholicose of the East and the Malankara Metropolitan.

The Medical Mission Hospital was formally consecrated on September 14, 1970, by H.H Baselious Augen I.

The 100 bed hospital started functioning with Dr K.C. Mammen as its founder director and Mr M. Chackopillai as founder secretary. Since then, the hospital has steadily grown over the years, into a multi-speciality hospital; 650 bed tertiary care center that ranks among the best hospitals in the state.

The community health department of the Mission takes the facilities of the hospital into the community, through a network of peripheral health centers, resident nurses, health volunteers and local co-ordinating bodies.

The Mission also plays a vital role in the comprehensive development of the local community, through income generation programmes and health promotion activities.

Today, the Mission has taken yet another giant step forward with the establishment of a medical college. It is the vision of the Mission that the healers of tomorrow who are educated and empowered by this institution, will work toward the physical and spiritual healing of humanity; to the best of their abilities.

Postal Address:

Medical college Hospital,Kolenchery.


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