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During the reign of Mar thoma II (1670-1686) three prelates from Syria arrived in Kerala. They are Mar Andrews, Eldo Mar Baselios, and Mar Ivanios. Mar Andrews died in 1692 and was entombed in the Kallada Valiyapally. Eldo Mar Baselios is entombed in the Kothamangalam church, and Mar Ivanios at the Marthoman church Mulamthuruthy. Historian Ittoop writer says that Andrews Patriarch reached Malankara.

Mar Andrews in 1678 came to Kerala along with three brothers one of whom was a Ramban. His simple life style, austerity and stringent celibacy raised him to the position of a saint. He continued his missionary tour from Mulanthunitty to Vettiekal Dayara, Kuruppam pady, Piravam Manarcadu Puthencave and finally reached Kallada by Divine destiny where he accepted the Kallada Valiyapally as the center of this spiritual activity. He was suffering some sort of gastric illness. The illness together with old age made him disabled to perform his spiritual function. Yet his prayerful life and austerity attracted devotes to him. They found solace in his presence. In those days the formidable pestilene small pox that swept through the Kallada area was miraeulously curbed by his prayer, it is said. He selected Thulaserry Manappurathu home as his abode. The parlor he used in the church is still retained. History says he belonged to Thurabdeen in Syria.

In1692 (Malayalam Era 867 Kumbham 18) he died on return from the riverside, due to deterioration of his chronic illness. His relics were are  entombed   in the Madbaha of the Church, where devotees irrespective of caste,creed, or religion throng in thousands to pay homage, to seek intercession and to be blessed, every year Malayalam month Kumbham 18 and19. In memory of this great man of god there arose a retreat centre and a public school in the church ground. An endowment fund has been established for the welfare of the poor.

Mar Andrews and a few miracles
The life of Mar Andrews who visited Kerala together with his brothers in a very crucial period of the history of church, is impregnate with incidents, anecdotes, legends and miracles. A few are narrated below:-
1.    Mar Andrews was suffering   from a chronic gastric illness. An indigenous medical man prescribed a stimulant drink, which the saint used regularly. Misinterpreting it to be alcoholic, the church authorities refused Mar Andrews entrance to the church. Mar Andrews could not offer his evening prayer. He knocked at the door calling ‘Marthoma’ three times. The door opened automatically and Mar Andrews offered evening prayer. The saint cursed all those connected with the closure of the church  with unnatural death devoid of Holy unction. It is said that the members of those families later met with unnatural death without receiving holy unction.
2.    Due to the torture from the church authorities, the saint decided to quit the church. The trustee then demanded the expenses met for the saint. The trustee’s wife persuaded her husband to take custody of the saint’s chalice. He did so Later the trustee’s only son used the chalice as a toy. Soon the boy was bitten by a snake and he died. The frantic parents soon returned the chalice to the church. Now this chalice is being used in the  commemoration day of the saint at the Marthoman church.
3.    During his missionary travel in the mid Travancore he was offered jack fruit  in a house. The host gave cotton wool for cleaning hands. Finding the fibers sticking to the hands and face of the guest, the host derided. The saint left the place with tearful eyes. The members of the host’s family are still being haunted by a terrible skin disease.
It is also recorded that the saint ordained a member of the Vettikunnel
. family at Manarkadu as priest.

Historical Records
Mar Andrews while staying at the Manarcadu church ordained a member of the Vattakunnel family a priest (Mar Coorilos souvenir page 76 published by the Mulanthuruthy church).
1.    During the reign of Marthoma II three metropolitans came to Malankara from Syria. They are Mar Andrews (1678) Mar Baselios (1685) Mar Ivanios (1685).
“Orthodox church of India” page 68 by David Daniel.
2.    In 1678 (M.E 856) Mar Andrews came from abroad. He died in M.E 867 Kunbhom 19 and buried in the Kallada church “The Church history of Syrian Christian” page 121 written by Ittoop writer in 1869
3.    ‘Diary notes’ purported to be written by Marthoma VI , and also known as ‘Niranam Grandhavali Thaliyola’ also testify to  the above points.
4.    “Malankara Syrian Church and the throne of Antioch” written by Rev. Fr. K.G. Zachariah in 1973, page 73 says Mar Andrews with credentials from Mar Ignatios Bava came to Kerala and strengthened the church.

Mar Andrews pilgrim centre
Taking in to consideration the antiquity of the church, the large number of devotees seeking intercession and attaining Devine healing at the tomb of Mar Andrews, His Holiness the Chatholicos Mar Thoma Didimos I declared the Church to be the first pilgrim centre of the southern zone, at ceremonious function held in the Church  on 17-05-2008. Every day hundreds of devotees irrespective of caste creed or religion visit the church and find solace getting rid of the burden of their woes and depression.

Main attractions
The tomb of Mar Andrews in the madbaha of the church, his meditation  room, the parlor he used to rest in, the well with its seared water used by the saint,  Mar Andrew’s Ratreat centre, the river front beside the church (deeds ago the devotees who came by boats landed here) and a library draw special  attention. A public school has commenced.


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